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In this video Adrian discusses the Toxicity of impure Water such as tap, bottled and even filter water

"Toxicity. One of the primary ways we destroy our health is through toxicity.

The more I looked into water the more I realised that I have been poisoning myself every day without realising. Sure, I drank filtered water, and bottled mineral water as opposed to tap water BUT the more I dug, the murkier the water became, literally!

So I decided the best thing for us was to get a water distiller. My research led me to one by Water Pure which is very powerful and produces distilled water faster than many other units.

Plus they are said to have great customer service. When I run the distiller I am shocked at the vile smelling junk left in the bottom of the distiller.

If I stop it early and decant the liquid then it is definitely not something you would want to drink. I smells unpleasant. Yet my liver and kidneys will have been dealing with this day in and day out, with me being until recently none the wiser.

So thank you Welsh Water for delivery what appears to be very poor quality water to poison us with"

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