Affiliate Program £20 Cash Reward


Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program today and receive a £20 cash reward every time someone uses your unique affiliate link to purchase a water distiller direct from the website.

That means for example, if your affiliate link generates 5 water distiller sales, you'll receive £100 cash!

Simply generate an affiliate link, share it via email, text, social media or place it on your website via a clickable link or image and encourage them to visit the Water Pure website to buy their water distiller. When they purchase, you earn money!

There is no limit on how many £20 cash rewards you can send receive. The more the merrier.

Help spread the word on how we can all enjoy the purest water whilst earning cash along the way.

Affiliate Program

Learn how to make money with our affiliate program

To get started, you must first register and login to your account. Once logged in, go to the "Affiliate Program" tab via "My Account"

From this page, you can generate your unique affiliate link to share to people.

When someone clicks your link, any water distiller purchase they make via our website will credit £20 to your account which will be visible and trackable within the "Affiliate Program" page.

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