Solve your skin problem with our Water distillers here in the UK

Hard water is a problem for everyone in numerous areas of life. If it isn’t sending our home appliances to an early grave by causing serious lime scale then it’s making our hair dry and damaged. While it’s doing damage to our hair, it’s also filling our body with chemicals and toxins and whilst it’s doing all of this it’s creating huge problems for our skin. Our skin is a rather delicate part of our body. Although it gives us protection from the outer elements, it can also be extremely sensitive. Reacting to anything from detergents we use on our clothes, harsh wind and extreme temperatures too.

Hard water linked to causing skin problems such as Acne and Rosacea

Did you know however that hard water has now been linked to causing skin problems such as Acne and Rosacea? There’s also a correlation between hard water and skin disorders such as eczema too. At Water Pure however, with our Water distillers here in the UK we know we could help with your skin problems. Clearer healthier skin can be achieved simply by advising you to switch from hard tap water to soft distilled water.

How about changing the water you use to wash?

At MWP, we know exactly how you feel. You’ve spent so much money on cleansers, toners, facemasks and even expensive facials. You’ve put in so much time religiously washing and using spot treatments and yet those spots and red patches still refuse to budge. Perhaps the mere suggestion of changing which type of water you use seems almost ridiculous but listen up, it’s a lot more scientific than you think.

The normal 'hard water' you use is not good for your skin

Water, we love the stuff don’t we. Made up of nearly 70% of it shows just how much we actually need it but did you know that the tap water we drink and wash ourselves with might actually be contaminated? In the UK we suffer from what’s known as hard water and the cold hard truth of it is: we’re covered in soap scum and that soap scum is clogging our pores and causing breakouts of acne and numerous other skin conditions. The trouble with hard water is its high chemical, toxin and mineral content which prevents it from reacting correctly with soap. Instead of triggering lather it creates a soapy layer on the skin, which can cause itching and dryness.

Create your own pure water to use when washing your skin

By using one of our water distillers you can create pure water to use when washing, especially during your cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. This helps through not only reacting better with the soap but also rids the water of harsh chemicals and minerals that your skin finds irritating. It’s also been found that if distilled water is drunk, skin will often improve a huge amount as you’re effectively cleansing your body from the inside. If you’d like to take a step toward healthier, clearer skin then purchase one of our water distillers we distribute throughout the UK for under £150. We guarantee you’ll never look back.