Look at what's really in your tap water with a Home Water Distiller

f you wouldn't eat what's on that finger, then you should stop using Tap Water now.

Whether you use Tap Water to drink straight from the tap, in your tea, coffee, soups or other foods, you are exposing yourself to FLUORIDE, CHLORINE, PESTICIDES, HEAVY METALS and many other CONTAMINANTS which are harmful to your health and simply DO NOT belong in the body.

A Home Water Distiller reveals what's really in your tap water

They may not be clear to see when looking at Tap Water in a glass or a pan, however, using the distillation process which is the process of removing impurities by boiling  water and then condensing the steam into a clean container, we are able to see what's left behind after the pure water has escaped. CHEMICALS, HEAVY METALS and other CONTAMINENTS that you would otherwise consume.

If you do not want to expose yours or your families body's to these, you should start immediately to distil your Tap Water before using it for consumption.

Make your own pure water with a Water Distiller from Water Pure

It's extremely easy, in fact, a Water Pure Home Water Distiller Machine does everything you need at the touch of a button producing 4 litres of 99.8% pure water in just a few hours.

We guarantee that after you have distilled your first jug of tap water, you will never look back after seeing what's left behind.