Activated Carbon Filters for Water Distillers

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Activated Carbon Filters for Water Distillers

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For use with all MWP water distillers. These active carbon filters are also compatible with many other brands of distillers.

Each carbon filter will last approximately 6-12 weeks depending on usage

Activated Carbon Filters for Water Distillers

Proven to be ideally suited to filter odours, tastes and contaminants from water, activated carbon is a form of carbon that has been processed to increase the porosity of the individual carbon granules giving a larger surface area available for adsorption.

This is an important factor in the adsorption of contaminants as it provides a much better environment for the assimilation of dissolved matter.

This is effective at removing harmful volatile organic compounds VOC’s, one example being chlorine which is often used to treat tap our water.

When added to the finished distilled product creates the best tasting and purest water.

Why buy our carbon filters?

You can buy carbon filters for water distillers from many companies, but not all filters are the same! Here is why we stand proud by our own, custom made filters.

  1. We have sourced the best specification of carbon (there are many!) that filter out the nasty contaminants, better than any other.
  2. We manufacture the filters here in the UK, so they are not lying around in warehouses for months or even years before they make their way to you. In fact, if you have some of our filters, we can confidently say they were produced less than 2 weeks ago from the day you received them.
  3. Our filter bags that hold the carbon are made from filter paper that contains NO PLASTIC. Did you know that most tea bags contain a coating of plastic to toughen the filter paper up. We are not aware of any other water distiller supplier that uses non plastic filter paper. The last thing you want is your beautifully prepared distilled water passing through a layer of plastic right before it drips into your jug.
  4. Our filter bags are non bleached. The colour (usually white) that you are so familiar with is actually a bleach that is used to colour the bags. So yes, our filter bags are boring brown, but this means they have not been bleached.
  5. Our carbon is made from coconut shell which is the best type and most natural form or carbon to filter water with.

Customer Reviews

very good price Review by carol m
I always find that water purification machines start off cheap and then charge big money for the filters which always need changing. this is a great price for filters as a 12 pack lasts 3 years and costs 13 quid. brill x (Posted on 20/12/2020)
Long Lasting Review by abdula mahmood
What I have found when using this brand of carbon filters for my water distiller is that the carbon seems to last longer in that the water stays purer for longer without needing to change them every month like my last ones! I change mine every 10 weeks and have never had a problem. (Posted on 20/12/2020)
The best carbon granules Review by paul scott
Have always used the water pure filters as the carbon inside is more granulated which i know significantly improves the water filtration stage. I would recommend these to everyone. take care (Posted on 20/12/2020)
No plastic! Great Review by John Kane
The best part about these filters is that the filter paper does not contain any plastic, unlike 99% of other filters out there! Perfect for pure water. (Posted on 20/12/2020)
A great product at a great price Review by Chris Hurst
Does the job perfectly. No need to look further.
(Posted on 20/12/2020)
Perfect! Review by Megan
New replacement filter for my water distiller. Perfect!
(Posted on 20/12/2020)
Bigger than most activated carbon filters Review by Aaron edwards
I like that these carbon filters are double the size of the ones i got with my other distiller which means double the active carbon
(Posted on 20/12/2020)

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