6 Litre White Stainless Steel Water Distiller With Polycarbonate Jug

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6 Litre White Stainless Steel Water Distiller With Polycarbonate Jug

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Regular Price: £199.99

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White Stainless Steel Water Distiller with 6L Polycarbonate Jug

Available only in white with the polycarbonate jug due to size and weight of 6 litres distilled water

Our new GIANT 6 Litre White Stainless steel water distiller comes complete with a 6 litre polycarbonate collection container, filter nozzle, 1 activated carbon filter, and 200g of water distiller residue cleaner.

The water distiller operates on a one-touch button. Tap water added to the heating chamber is boiled into steam, then cooled and condensed into pure water leaving behind contaminants.

The main advantage of distilled water is that it is the most effective method for the removal of organic, inorganic and biological (bacteria, viruses, etc.) contaminants.

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Key points

  • Steam distillation
  • 6 litres of pure water in 5.5 hours
  • Dimensions: H47cm x W27cm
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Easy to use
  • Boosts fertility
  • Turns itself off automatically
  • Power: 900W
  • Power source: 240V
  • Removes 99.8% of pollutants
  • Chemical and substance free
  • Clears body of toxins
  • Scientifically proven to help against Alzheimers Disease


Do not touch the water tank while the machine is in operation and for 30 minutes after stopping in order to prevent risk of being burnt.

  1. After the distiller has cooled (about 30 minutes), one can just open the cover to wash.
  2. The metal water tank can NOT be emerged in water to clean.
  3. Before cleaning or changing the filter, please be sure the electrical power is turned off.
  4. Filter if used (own preference) can be changed every three months.

Important Information on Safety:

  1. Please plug the power cord in a 230V AC electrical socket.
  2. Only use electrical outlets offering the correct voltage to prevent risk of fire or electric shock.
  3. Always keep your hands dry when plugging or unplugging the power cords.
  4. Don't place your water distiller on an unstable table, moving desk, or shaking surface.
  5. Do not under any circumstances cover the fan.
  6. Unplug the power cord once water cycle has finished.

Customer Reviews

Excellent portable water purifier Review by Bethan C
Great product. I'd prefer it if I didn't have to add the handle onto the glass jug myself, but excellent product and fast delivery. (Posted on 20/12/2020)
It really works! Review by Z G Armour
I am very satisfied with this item. It is my first time using a distiller. My skin is glowing. I recommend this to anyone who cannot install a water distiller where they live. (Posted on 20/12/2020)
Better than a filer Review by steph
So happy I have this. Water taste amazing. Easy to use (Posted on 20/12/2020)
IMPRESSED Review by carolyne scriven
Bought as we live in an exceptionally hard water area and the water tastes metallic. It arrived well packaged and my 14 yr old daughter set it up in about 5 minutes and to my surprise you can taste the difference. Just pure clean water and its so nice! So I would have to say its well worth the money and now we use every day. Thanks :) (Posted on 20/12/2020)
Impressive Water Distiller Review by Jotter
The materials used are excellent quality. This is all set up in my kitchen and used daily. Well worth the money because the difference in the water taste and clarity is amazing. I feel better just looking at the distilled water in the glass 4 litre Container. I cook with it, drink it, provide dogs water bowls and clean teeth and wash in it. Will start to use it when preparing essential oils products. (Posted on 20/12/2020)
Effective, ‘Best Buy Ever’ for water quality. Review by Megan A
Probably my Best Buy for ages.

I love it. I had no idea how dirty the tap water was until I had to refill the Distiller. There was something that looked like mud at the bottom of it! See photo. What’s in the glass jug is water during the cleaning process. I put clean tap water into the distiller and washed out the solids. I was shocked that the water in the jug was so murky.

I also know that there are ‘invisible’ products in tap water that can’t be determined by a visual inspection and cannot be removed by filters.

This product offers peace of mind where it’s critical to avoid poor quality tap water; water filters cannot do what this does. (Posted on 20/12/2020)
chemical free water Review by sam neaton
This is the first time i have owned a distiller, have always used standard water filter system. This one is great as it removes all chemicals especially fluoride. if you want chemical free water, get a distiller (Posted on 20/12/2020)
good value Review by Kevin Stott
great value for money, i have the 4 litre model which is great too but we have a large family so i was always having to load up the machine. this one is 50% bigger so saves so much time (Posted on 20/12/2020)
HUGE Review by Mike
Thank god someone finally made a larger model. this is 6 litres and therefor allows me to make more water at the push of a button compared to the smaller 4 litre models. thank you (Posted on 20/12/2020)

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